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Why is the ball flat in my pictures?

When I retired from playing profession basketball, I was l looking in a closet for a bag to go on a trip, and I noticed a basketball that I had used while training during countless exercises during my 15 year professional career. The first thing I noticed about the basketball was that it was flat. I thought to myself, “I would need to put air into that ball to use it now”. Almost immediately after, I thought that I had one of those “ah ha!” moments. I was transitioning from being a professional basketball player into being an ESPN sports commentator and full time professional speaker, and I realized that the “air” had gone out of my basketball career. As most great “ah ha!” moments go, this thought kept expanding and took a life of its own. Not only had the “air” gone out of my basketball career, but I realized that this was symbolic of what had at one point and time happened to everything in my life…in one way or another. My “ah ha!” moment turned into a “OMG!” moment when I realized that this was not only true for me, but for everyone. Throughout our life, the air is continuously coming out of every area of our life from career, relationships, emotions, days, things…the list is endless.

After this “ah ha/OMG” moment had passed, or after the “air” had gone out of that moment, I reflected on my life and my career and all of the different times that had happened. I learned that not only had there been a lot of those moments, but I was adept at transitioning through those moments into a new “ball” with air or even better finding a way to put air back into those situations. Playing professional basketball for 15 years with 1 year contracts showed that ability and more recently my new job working for ESPN as a sports commentator for the last 5 years with 1 year contracts shows I am still doing it. Transitioning into a professional speaker while I was still playing professional basketball shows that this evolution is fluid and ever changing.

The air running out is inevitable but what we do after that is up to you and me. I would love to share this message as well as many others available with you and your audience. If you’re interested in this or any other keynote topic please go to my contact page to inquire about availability.