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Jean Lenti Ponsetto
Bubba Cunningham
Athletics Director
University of Tulsa

Temple University

Bill Bradshaw
Athletics Director
Temple University


“Stephen’s presentation to our student-athletes on their personal brand was one of the most powerful life skills sessions I’ve heard in my 30 plus years in athletics. He was on point about the bright light that shines on student-athletes both on and off campus, but more importantly he shared how important it is for students to take responsibility for the privilege they have as student-athletes in doing their best in representing themselves, their family, their team, their athletic department and their University community. His personal examples of the daily challenges he faced and how he came to embrace the decision making process as both a high profile student-athlete and as an Academic All American resonated loud and clear with our students in every sport. Our student-athletes talked about it for days and we continue to see real growth in the peer to peer expectations our student athletes have of one another in creating and fostering their personal brand as individuals and collectively at teams.”

“DePaul has had many proud moments generated by Stephen’s academic and athletic success. His presentation to our student-athletes on creating their personal brand and decision making now ranks at that top of that list.”

Jean Lenti Ponsetto
Athletics Director
DePaul University


“WOW… you rocked! The YMCA is still buzzing from your speech and you seem to have struck a chord with both the young and adult audience that participated. You definitely inspired. Thanks again.


Maria Brunker
Associate Executive Director, YMCA


“Stephen Howard is an awesome speaker! It can be difficult to keep the attention of our youth, but he did! It was very inspiring to hear him talk about setting his own personal goals and then continually striving to meet those goals. He was able to keep from being persuaded by peer pressure because of his dedication to taking care of himself and reaching his greatest potential. It was also great for our youth to hear about the difference between “confidence” and “arrogance”.

Mr. Howard was wonderful to shake hands, answer questions, provide photo opportunities, and just interact. I would recommend him as a speaker to anyone.”

Superintendent Gainesville State School
Texas Youth Commission


“When speaking to our group of graduating seniors, Stephen Howard left a lasting impact on their future. By using his sense of humor and stories, he was able to relay to them the importance of setting goals to meet successes in their lives. Somehow in that short amount of time, he seemed to build the student’s confidence, inspire them and motivate them to do great things.”

Dr. Gerald B. Hudson
Lakeview Centennial High School
Garland ISD Principal of the Year 2009


“This year Sky Ranch had the privilege of having Stephen Howard come and speak to a group of our kids. For these kids, the story of hope and his words of inspiration could not have been better received. The experience started from the moment Stephen walked through the door. His larger than life personality was something that the kids immediately responded to. Additionally, the message he delivered was one that the kids could all relate to and apply directly to their lives. It was a wonderful experience overall, and I would definitely recommend Stephen to speak at any event.”

John Morgan
Texas Site
Camp Director
Mobile- 903-352-1973


“Stephen Howard’s speech left me feeling inspired and excited to live life with a different perspective, to live in a positive light as if tomorrow is never promised. I walked away anxious to take advantage of the opportunities and infinite resources DePaul works so hard to make possible for me and my fellow student-athletes.”

Sheana Warren
DePaul University Woman’s Softball Player – Senior


“It’s not often that a guest speaker can command the sustained attention and focus of a middle school audience. At a recent school assembly, both the students and teachers alike were captivated by Stephen Howard’s inspirational message, humorous anecdotes, and all-around engaging manner. Easily embraced by our students as an authentic role model, Stephen stressed his life-long commitment of setting goals and leading a healthy and spiritual lifestyle. This “SLAM DUNK” presentation left our students asking for more.”

Patricia Lowell
Stella Maris Academy
La Jolla, California


“Stephen is a tremendous role model for kids of all ages. His ability to relate to our students through his story of hard work and persistence kept our kids attentive. They talked about his visit for weeks afterward. If you are looking for a great story and a great role model, Stephen is it.”

Thom M. Suhy
St. Mary of Carmel Catholic School

“Thank you for spending your time with our students. Your speech was motivating to all that attended and I have had many positive comments about you as a speaker. I am impressed not only by your accomplishments but by your dedication to maintaining a healthy and spiritual lifestyle. I am the mother of a 13 year old boy and I can honestly say that positive role models in the public eye are few and far between. Once again, thank you and may God bless your continued good works.”

Alicia Mendoza
Development Director
St. Pius X Catholic Community


“Being the Youth Pastor of nearly 500 youth I have had a difficult time locating men and women that can come in and speak to such a large and diverse group.

We had the opportunity to bring Stephen in to speak to our young men during our special Summer event “Bible and Ballin”. Stephen’s ability to speak into the lives of these young men, many who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds was inspiring. After Stephen’s session, our young men left knowing they could achieve anything they placed their minds to do with hard work and clear goals set for the future.

I would recommend Stephen to speak at any event!!”

Von Minor
Youth Pastor
Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church
Dallas, TX
Dr. Tony Evans (Senior Pastor)

“My then 12 year old son heard Stephen at a basketball camp 2 years ago. My son’s self esteem and confidence had been really shaken in the months prior to attending this camp and after hearing Stephen’s incredibly motivating and encouraging speech, he came away from camp a completely different kid. Stephen stressed keeping your confidence high, staying positive and most importantly, good sportsmanship. What an incredible leader and speaker and most of all a wonderful role model for the youth of today.”

Keri Emery
Plano, Texas