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Stephen Howard was born in Dallas, Texas to educators who continuously instilled the importance of education and striving for excellence. Throughout his childhood and beyond excellence, education and overcoming adversity have been constant themes in his life. With perseverance and determination, Stephen Howard has accomplished many feats others would hope to achieve. Currently, Stephen is an analyst for both NBA and college basketball.

Stephen’s passion for success was instilled by his parents who constantly pushed him to be the best that he could be while nurturing his uniqueness and special gifts that made him stand above the crowd. After just a few minutes with Stephen, you will easily recognize the energy and compassion that enabled him to live in 12 different countries while playing professional basketball in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

He uses humor and a presence one would expect from someone who stands 6’9″ and has constantly had to adapt to different cultures and situations. After retiring from a 15 year professional basketball career, Stephen focused on the “next phase” of his career, broadcasting. Since retiring in 2006 he has used his vast knowledge of basketball as well as his engaging personality that has made him a fan favorite for college basketball enthusiasts where he works as an analyst for ESPN as well as Fox Sports where he works as a NBA studio analyst.

Stepping outside of sports, Stephen is a professional motivational speaker. When listening to him speak, it doesn’t take long to hear the stories that cultivated his leadership skills, as well as snippets of him overcoming adversity at sometimes unimaginable odds all while inspiring the listener and more importantly moving them to action. He also is involved in various charities and groups such as the NBA Alumni, Pro Players Foundation of North Texas as well as well as a featured speaker for Success for Teens.

Whatever Stephen does or wherever he is, he provides a presence of greatness and is constantly raising the bar higher.