Stephen is a professional speaker who will exceed your expectations because that is what he has been doing his entire life. Whether it was in school, as a professional basketball player, as a TV personality or more importantly as a person, Stephen is consistently raising the bar higher. Imagine an event where the “ripple effect” is still being felt months afterwards.

All of that is possible when you incorporate award winning speaker, author, and ESPN college basketball commentator Stephen Howard into your very important event.

His dynamic speaking engagements are filled with authentic passion, sprinkled with compelling and humorous stories that are guaranteed to:

  • Captivate audiences, putting them in a receptive frame-of-mind
  • Communicate your key messages
  • Inspire belief in your products and services
  • Motivate as well as challenge individuals to act
  • Entertain and excite with a combination of humor, inspiration and personality

Need a speaker your audience will instantly identify with as well as make your event sizzle? Fortunately, you’ve just found the ideal solution.

Want to make your event one that clients, employees, students and staff talk about months after it is over?

You can contact Stephen today at or direct: (214)771-8005

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